Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee

The 2020 Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan has been completed and can be reviewed here.  Article 13 has been added to the Town Warrant and voting will take place March 17, 2020 at Town Meeting.

To see what sum the Town will raise or appropriate to plan for BICYCLE, PEDESTRIAN AND HIGHWAY SAFETY improvements.

Bristol Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee requests:            $  25,000.00
Selectmen recommend (3-0):                       Surplus     $  25,000.00
Budget Committee recommends (7 – 4, 1 abstention)  $    7,500.00  

How would Town funding be used in 2020? Planning, Research, and Low Cost Items.

What other funding is available?   Several state, federal, and private grants are available.

How did the committee come up with this?
2019    May    Selectboard reforms Bristol Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee
            June    Meeting with Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust
            July    Meeting with MaineDOT & Completion of intern Mapping Project
            Aug    Bicycle-Pedestrian Committee circulates survey to residents and visitors
            Oct    Survey completion and meeting with Bicycle Coalition of Maine
            Nov    Brainstorming and voting on Recommended Actions & Costs
            Dec    Committee presentation of Recommendations to Selectboard
2020    Jan    Review of Recommended Actions with LCRPC + MaineDOT
            Feb    Selectboard and Budget Committee Recommendations

2019 Survey Results Summary
The Committee created a new bike-pedestrian survey to help guide its update of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan.  While some of the 2019 survey questions were similar to those presented in the 2009 survey, the Committee included other subject areas, such as off-road trails, and potential interest in a town funded multi-use bike-ped facility.

  • A total of 307 completed surveys were collected (53 submitted offline)
  • 55% Are year-round residents
  • 80% Support a town funded multi-use trail
  • 40%  Walk less because of concerns with safety
  • 60%  Ride less because of concerns with safety
  • 60% of Bristol Consolidated School students’ parents were concerned with safety
  • 64% Ride a bike
  • Overall support for crosswalks/sidewalks in village areas

Staff Contacts

Committee Members

Name Title
Patricia Porter Committee Chair
Chuck Farrell Committee Vice Chair
Mary Piasecki Committee Secretary
James Albright Committee Member
Jack Fitzpatrick Committee Member
John Lappen Committee Member
Sandra Lucore Committee Member
Emile Lugosch Committee Member
Todd Richards Committee Member
Christopher Hall