Bristol Byways

Bristol Byways is a multi-year program to safely connect Bristol’s residents and visitors with the beauty of the Pemaquid peninsula, its communities, and its neighbors.

Bristol Byways, initiated by the Town of Bristol in 2009 as the Bristol Bicycle-Pedestrian Plan, is envisioned ten years later to build on that original work and evolve into a collaborative program embracing Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust, Lincoln Health – Miles Campus, Central Lincoln County YMCA, South Bristol, and Damariscotta.

Bristol Byways, conforming with ADA standards and applicable State and Local Land Use and Development ordinances, will be available year-round to walkers, bikers, wheelchair and walker users, snowshoe and cross-country ski users, baby carriage pushers, joggers, and where applicable, snowmobiles and licensed passenger vehicles.

Bristol Byways will employ existing paths, easements, and road shoulders to connect Bristol’s residents and visitors as well as its villages, education and recreation sites, Coastal Rivers’ preserves, the East Coast Greenway, and the Maine DoT’s Bicycle Tour 32 trail.  New easements enabling new pathways to be created and enhanced shoulders installed when road maintenance is undertaken will provide more connectivity to each other and to more destinations.

Adopted by the Bristol Bicycle-Pedestrian-Trail Committee on July 15, 2019

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Lindsay Currier (207) 563-5270

Committee Members

Name Title
James Albright
Chuck Farrell Co-Chair
Jack Fitzpatrick
John Lappen
Sandra Lucore
Emile Lugosch
Mary Piasecki Secretary
Patricia Porter Chair
Todd Richards