Broadband Committee

The Town of Bristol is in the process of learning more about our needs as a Town for high-speed broadband internet access. According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) high speed broadband internet has a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 3 Mbps.The Town has formed a committee to study and survey our Town for lack of high-speed internet access. This committee will also be tasked with researching the current options available, what options can be expanded, and what options might be available in the future. The committee will have a volunteer membership of between send and eleven residents of the Town of Bristol, serving without compensation. 

It is expected that the committee will meet monthly for a period of between six and twelve months from the date of appointment, and will report to the Selectmen on its activities no later than six months from its establishment and again on the conclusion of its work.


  • What is the availability of broadband internet access (by cable, fiber, landline or cell telephone) in the Town, broken down by road and by carrier?
  • Approximately how many residents have no access to broadband internet service and what are their locations?
  • What models have been successfully applied by other Towns to achieve 100% coverage, and at what cost to taxpayers?
  • What would be the expected costs (e.g.. line extension, cell tower provision) to enable substantially all residents to access broadband internet services?
  • Based on discussions with broadband providers (land and wireless) what expansion could be expected in the next 2 to 4 years without any intervention or assistance from the Town?
  • Are there opportunities for subsidy by the Town to expand broadband coverage, and if so, how cost-effective would such opportunities be in terms of cost per household accessed?

For more information on broadband internet, please see the resources below:

FCC Broadband Use (click here)

Broadband Speed Guide (click here)

FCC National Broadband Plan (click here)

FCC Area Map (click here)

Board Members

Name Title
Phil Congdon Committee Chair
Helen Costello Committee Vice Chair
Chris Holmes Committee Member
Patricia Jennings Committee Member
Michael Sirois Committee Member