2020 Dog License Renewals

License Your Dog

Dog licenses for 2020 will be available on October 15th. When completing this process, please make sure to have each dog's current rabies certificate. Any dog re-licensed after the deadline of January 31st, 2020 is automatically charged a $25 late fee (this does not apply to first time licensed dogs). This fee is not able to be waived under State Law.

Dog CategoryFee
Spayed/Neutered$6.00 (per dog)
Not Spayed or Neutered$11.00 (per dog)
Kennel$42.00 (per kennel of no more than 10 Dogs. Additional Kennel fee for more)
Service Dogs*No Fee with completed form
Search and Rescue Dogs*No Fee with completed form
Transfer License (Transferring from another Maine Town)$1.00 (per dog)

There are 2 Easy Ways to register/renew your dog license:

  1. Between October 15th and January 31st, you may go online to complete the registration.There is a $1 fee to process this online.
  2. Stop by the Town Office and register your dog in person. Make sure you have a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate!

When do dogs need to be licensed?

All dogs need to be licensed upon reaching the age of 6 months in the town where it resides; or after the dog has been with the family for 10 days, if adopted.

How do I register a service dog?

You will need to visit the Town Office to complete a service dog licensing. Please note, first-time service dog registrants will also need to contact the town office to obtain a service dog request form. A service dog fee can be waived if the correct and complete form is filled out. For licensing questions call Animal Welfare 207-287-3846.

*Exemption from licensing fees:

A. A trained guide dog owned or kept by a visually impaired person or such a dog awaiting training; B. A trained hearing dog owned or kept by a hearing-impaired person or such a dog awaiting training; C. A trained service dog owned or kept by a physically impaired person or such a dog awaiting training; D. A trained search and rescue dog recognized by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife or by the statewide association of search and rescue that cooperates with the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in developing standards for search and rescue or such a dog awaiting training.


What dog licenses pay for...

Your dog licensing fees support:

  • Local Animal Control Officers and State Humane Agents
  • Investigation of animal cruelty complaints and enforcement of animal welfare laws
  • Compliance with rabies vaccination of dogs
  • Care for sick and injured stray animals
  • Return of lost dogs to their owners

May a dog run at large in the State of Maine*?

It is unlawful for any dog to run at large except when it is used for hunting. 
*At large means off the premises of the owner and not under the control of any person