Primary/Special Referendum Election 06/12/2018 Results

Please refer to the results below for the Primary/Special Referendum Election for the Town of Bristol.


Ranked Choice Voting Referendum QuestionBALLOT COUNT


Republican Primary

Fredette, Kenneth Wade19
Mason, Garrett Paul43
Mayhew, Mary C.56
Moody, Shawn H.193
Blank Ballots20
United States SenatorBALLOT COUNT
Brakey, Eric L.142
Linn, Max Patrick96
Blank Ballots93
Rep. to Congress (District 1)BALLOT COUNT         
Holbrook, Mark I.251
Blank Ballots80
State Senator (District 13)BALLOT COUNT      
Dow, Dana L.294
Blank Ballots37
Rep. to the Legislature (District 90)BALLOT COUNT                  
Van Knowe, Richard E.240
Blank Ballots91
Register of Probate    BALLOT COUNT
Moore, Catherine H.265
Blank Ballots66
County Treasurer        BALLOT COUNT
Newell, Richard H. Jr.273
Blank Ballots58
Register of Deeds       BALLOT COUNT
Wotton, Rebecca S.282
Blank Ballots49
District Attorney (District 6)BALLOT COUNT       
Liberman, Johnathan245
Blank Ballots86
County Commissioner (District 2)BALLOT COUNT               
Williams, Melvin J.255
Blank Ballots76


Democratic Primary
Governor                       BALLOT COUNT
Cote, Adam Roland110
Dion, Donna J.2
Dion, Mark N.9
Eves, Mark W.40
Mills, Janet T.123
Russell, Diane Marie8
Sweet, Elizabeth A.89
Vachon, J. Martin (Declared Write-In)2
Blank Ballots13
United States Senator                      BALLOT COUNT
Ringelstein, Zak260
Blank Ballots136
Rep. to Congress (District 1)          BALLOT COUNT
Pingree, Chellie371
Blank Ballots25
State Senator (District 13)                BALLOT COUNT
Fortman, Laura A.320
Blank Ballots76
Rep. to the Legislature (District 90)BALLOT COUNT
Devin, Michael Gilbert357
Blank Ballots39
Sheriff                                                 BALLOT COUNT
Brackett, Todd B.354
Blank Ballots39
District Attorney (District 6)              BALLOT COUNT
Irving, Natasha C.322
Blank Ballots74
County Commissioner (District 2)    BALLOT COUNT
Blodgett, William B.330
Blank Ballots66