Roads & Highway

The roads indicated below are all maintained by the Town. If there is an indication the road is a STATE road, this idicates the Town only manages the road for snow plowing purposes and all other needs must be directed to Maine DOT.

If a road is not listed, it is considered a private road and is under the care and maintanence by the road owner or road association of owners.

Road Name 
Anchor Inn Road
Austin Street

Back Shore Road

Beach Loop

Benner Road to Town Line

Bradley Hill Road

Bristol Road - Damariscotta Town Line to New Harbor Hill (State Road)

Bristol Road - New Harbor Hill to Pemaquid Loop Road (State Road)

Browns Cove Road

Carl Bailey Road to McFadden Farm Road

Coggins Road

Elliott Hill Road - North End

Elliott Hill Road - South End

Fir Hollow Road

Fish Point

Fogler Road to Town Line

Foster Road

Harrington Road to South Bristol Town Line (State Road)

Huddle Road (State Road)

Indian Trail - both ends

Kelly Street

Leeman Hill Road

Long Cove Point Road

Lower Round Pond Road

Martha Beck Road

Morrison Road

Moxie Cove Road - (to the corner of Souther Point Road)

Northern Point Road

Old County Road - East End

Old County Road - (West End to #334 Old County Road)

Old Fort Roads

Old Long Cove Road

Pemaquid Harbor Road to gate at Ireland's

Pemaquid Trail

Poor Farm Road - (to #265 Poor Farm Road)

Redonnett Mill Road

Riverview Road

Rock Schoolhouse Road to Town Line

Rodgers Road

Round Pond Landing Road

Salt Pond Road

Snowball Hill Road

Sodom Road - (to #217 Sodom Road)

Southern Point Road

Southside Road to Back Cove

Split Rock Road to Town Line

Sproul Hill Road

State Route 32 - Route 130 to Bremen Town Line (State Road)

Thompson Road

Transfer Road

Tukey Lane

Upper Round Pond Road

Walpole Meetinghouse Road - (to #132 Walpole Meetinghouse Road)

Yates Lane