Tax Collection and Assessing

Town Wide Revaluation

UPDATE: The Town wide revaluation is complete. Residents were invited to meet with with Parker Appraisal's the week of June 19th to discuss their new values.

Please note: meetings are no longer available and in order to dispute any value you would need to complete an abatement application and go through the abatement process. For more information on property abatements, please click here

The 2017 Tax Commitment has now taken place and tax bills have been mailed out to all residents. If you have not yet received your bill you are able to click here to re-direct you to the tax bills. 

For more information on full revaluations please visit:

Exemption Applications and Land Use Classification Applications

The State of Maine allows for Real Estate Tax Payers to apply for Property Tax exemptions (partial of full) if certain criteria is met. For more information regarding exemptions please visit the State's Property Tax Exemptions page by clicking here. Please note that all exemption applications and land classification applications are required to be submitted by April 1st each year.

There are also tax discounts for certain types of land classification. Please visit the State's Land Use Program page for more information by clicking here.

For all exemption and land use applications please select your application from the sidebar on the upper left side of this page.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jessica Westhaver Assessing Clerk (207) 563-5270 #305