Solar Power Generation

The solar array at the Bristol–South Bristol Transfer Station was officially turned on, December 6th, 2018. Between this and the rooftop array at the School, we now generate about 75% of all the electricity we consume at the Town’s buildings – school, Town Hall, fire houses, parks, and the town garage. This will save the Town about 10% on our electric bills for now, and if we elect to buy the arrays in seven years’ time at a depreciated cost, should save us much more.

To view power generation for both locations please click the appropriate link below:

The solar arrays have attracted attention, and inquiries as to how individual homeowners might take advantage of solar energy without major capital investment. One option we will be looking at next year would be to use the Town’s former landfill site, on Foster Road, for a solar farm managed as a cooperative, in which residents can buy shares and receive its solar energy via the grid. A similar venture on River Road in Edgecomb is an example of what local communities are doing: see

If you would be interested in participating in such a venture in Bristol, please let the Town Administrator know by clicking here.