Lincoln County RUOK Program

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If you, a relative, or a friend live alone and are concerned about being alone without anyone to periodically verify well-being, consider the Lincoln County Sheriff Office's Program known as RUOK©. It's completely free! Each day, you or your relative will receive a telephone call from the Sheriff's Office at a pre-arranged time to verify that everything is OK. If the call isn't answered, either a designated person or first responder will go to the home to verify you or your relatives welfare.

For increased peace of mind and security, enroll in the RUOK© Program today, there's absolutely no cost to do so. Applications are available at Libraries, Town offices, police departments and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at 42 Bath Road in Wiscasset... you'll be glad you did! If you would like to contact them directly their number is 207-882-6576.

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