Tax Collection

The Tax Collector’s Office is also a clearinghouse of information for property owners, title companies, real estate brokers, attorneys, and appraisers, as well as other Town departments. It maintains historical and current data on each property, such as ownership, parcel boundaries, land and structure inventories, property characteristics and exemptions for institutions and individuals such as veterans, blind and homestead.

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes: 

The assessment date for the State of Maine is April 1st of each year. The annual tax rate is set in June and tax bills are also issued in June.

  • Fiscal Year: January 1- December 31
  • Assessment: 91%
  • Taxes Due: September 15th
  • Interest: 8% annually starting September 16th
  • Current Tax Rate: 7.95

General Information:

Payment of any amount is accepted toward taxes that have not been foreclosed. When payments are made on overdue taxes, any interest due is deducted first with any remainder going toward the actual tax owed. When more than one year’s taxes are due, any payment made is applied to the oldest balance first. If taxes are current, payment toward the following year’s taxes is accepted up to the amount of the last bill issued.

Mortgage Holders:

Tax bills are not mailed directly to mortgage holders. They are mailed to the property owner only. It is the responsibility of the property owner to forward a copy if it is required by the mortgage holder.