Town Clerk

State Primary Election- Tuesday June 11, 2024

Ballot Access for the State Primary Election:

ballot access

A voter must remain in a party for 3 months before withdrawing or changing enrollment to a new party. 

Voters that withdraw or change enrollment must do so at least 15 days before the election or will be ineligible to participate in the primary.

Deadline to change party enrollment: Friday, May 24, 2024

Sample Ballots for 6/11/2024, click here

Other election information including absentee ballot applications:

The responsibility of the Town Clerk’s office is to maintain all official town records, conduct elections in accordance with State Law, issue State licenses and vital records, and to work effectively with the public and other officials.

Primary responsibilities include:
  • Supervision of all procedures of State Elections and Town Meetings
  • Issue recreational licenses such as fishing, hunting, clam and dog licenses
  • Maintain and issue birth, death and marriage records
  • Validate official documents, maintain a record retention system for the Town, swear in municipal officials and act as the custodian of the official Town seal
The Clerk’s Office also handles:
  • Collection of real estate, personal property and excise tax
  • Registration of motor vehicles, boats, moorings, snowmobiles and ATVs

In Bristol, the Town Clerk also serves as the Registrar of Voters, the Public Access Officer and Motor Vehicle Agent.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Jess Bourne (207) 563-5270