Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Town of Bristol does not currently have an active comprehensive plan. A vote by the legislative body to approve a plan put together by a Comprehensive Committee in 2002, however, it was not found consistent by the State. A vote at the 2021 Town Meeting found the Town was ready to revisit the idea of a Comprehensive Plan. A committee of 19 members has been established by the Board of Selectmen and is underway. Input from the residents and tax payers of Bristol are highly encouraged to follow the process of the committee and to share any ideas and input to help aide the committee in their development of a new plan.

Please click here to see a copy of the Comprehensive Plan that was developed and approved by the Town in 2002.

Please click here to see the letter of Inconsistency from the State.

Committee Member

Alfred Ajami

James Barnes

Alex Beaudet

Thomas Bishop

Rebecca Cooper

Robert Davidson

Paul DiMauro

Jamie Doherty

Peter Fischer

Richard Francis

Brittany Gill

RoseAnn Holladay

Patricia Jennings

Kenneth Kortemeier

Leon MacCorkle

Jason Sewell

John Stolecki

Dan Sullivan

Jessica Yates