Town Meeting - Part 2 Results (Warrant Articles)

Part 2 of the Town Meeting (Warrant Articles) has concluded. The meeting started propmtly at 7PM and lasted until 10:55PM. All warrant articles were passed with the exception of article 33 (Annexation of Louds Island, Marsh Island and Bar Island). Please refer to the full list of Warrant Articles by clickling here.

Two articles were voted on by secret written ballott. Results are listed below:

Article 18 - To see if the Town will authorize the Selectmen to hire a Full-Time person combining the jobs of FIRE AND RESCUE CHIEF, SERVICE CHIEF, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DIRECTOR, TOWN FIRE WARDEN, FOREST FIRE WARDEN, and COMPLIANCE OFFICER.
Yes - 88
No - 71
Article 56 - Shall the Town raise and appropriate $1,243,372.49 in additional local funds, which exceeds the State's Essential Programs and Services allocation model, to fund the budget recemmended by the School Committee?
Yes - 54
No - 2