Veterans Memorial Committee

Bristol Veterans Honor Roll Historic Board

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A committee has formed to plan and build a Veteran's Memorial in Bristol. It was recognized that Bristol lacks a proper memorial. In fact, a World War II Memorial that used to be at Town Hall is in dire disrepair and has been in storage for many years. In addition to restoring the World War II Memorial, the Veteran's Memorial Advisory Committee is proposing to build a walking path along the Pemaquid River at Ellingwood Park. This Veteran's Memorial River Walk will be a community-built "growing" memorial.

The intention of the Committee is to encourage community involcement in the planning and builing, as well as any donations. These donations may be in the form of materials or labor for constructing the walkway, in personal or general memorials (dedicated plantings, engraved stonces, flags/poles, historical items, etc.) and of course monetary donations to help make it all happen.

The Veteran's Memorial River Walk is considered to be a "growing" memorial in the sense that it will continue to expand and grow indefinitely. As long as there are Veterans to honor, this will be a place to pay our respects and to remember our fallen.

The Committee also hopes to bring the community together to honor our Veterans through fund raising and other events throughout the year.

Tax deductible donations can be made to: Town of Bristol - Veteran's Memorial Fund. These can be brought to either the Town Hall or the Information building at Ellingwood Park.

Questions can be directed to Sandra Lane at 207-563-2134 or by emailing Andrea Cox by clicking here. Also feel free to swing by and talk to Lara Sargent at Ellingwood Park Informational building.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Sandra Lane (207) 563-2134

Board Members

Sandra Lane
Andrea Cox
Lara Sargent
Ken Perley
Frank Montuori
Janet Montuori
Russ Lane
Jean Reilly McGinn